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Take a look at our heritage, which goes back to 1869.
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Havelock has its roots in two heritage companies. In 1869 McIntosh was started by Alexander Henry McIntosh, making elaborate cabinetry by highly skilled craftsmen. Almost 100 years later in 1963, Havelock Textiles Ltd was created as a subsidiary of retail draper Ghinns Ltd and would later become shopfitter Havelock Europa Ltd. In 2001 these two heritage companies combined, creating Havelock Europa as it is recognised today.


McIntosh’s first factory almost 150 years ago was built in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, where our head office and factory are located today. Havelock Textiles started in Peckham, South London. Now on the other side of the river, Havelock has returned to London with its Clerkenwell project office. Today, we serve our clients through a network of offices in London, Kirkcaldy, Mansfield, Loughborough and internationally from Shanghai.

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Our timeline.


1869: McIntosh was started by Alexander Henry McIntosh in Kirkcaldy, Fife

1970: New factory built in Mitchelson, Kirkcaldy

1984: A.H. McIntosh acquires Educational Supplies Associates (ESA) and becomes ESA McIntosh

Havelock Textiles

1963: Havelock Textiles Ltd is created as a subsidiary of Ghinns Ltd retail draper in Peckham, London

1966: Havelock Textiles changes its name to Havelock Europa Ltd

1970: J Mackays (Drapers) Ltd acquires Ghinns Ltd

1974: Mackays shopfitting division becomes stand-alone company Havelock Europa Ltd

Havelock Europa

1986: Havelock Europa merges with Store Design, one of its earliest shopfitting competitors and founded in Fife

1987: Havelock Europa lists on the main London Stock Exchange as Havelock Europa PLC

2001: Havelock Europa purchases ESA McIntosh

2007: Acquisition of Stage Systems Ltd expands the Group's product range

2010: Transfer from the Stock Exchange full list to the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

2015: Havelock Europa moves to a new fit-for-purpose head office, fitted out by Havelock

2017: The Havelock story continues....