Financial Services

Virgin Money, Manchester

Virgin Money, Norwich

Halifax Challenger

We are trusted by the financial services sector, in which we have many long-established and wide-ranging relationships. Havelock Europa has built up a wealth of knowledge around this sector and we have a large and flexible team to service changing needs. We design interiors and deliver many upgrade programmes across the UK – all without drama. Many projects are in ‘live’ environments and our proven expertise allows us to minimise disruption to our customers and the trading of neighbouring businesses.

Our highly collaborative approach with our peers and our supply chain drives best value. We are proud to be leading several key initiatives on behalf of our customers, challenging inefficiency and defining best practice for the future.

Our financial customers include:

  • The Co-operative Bank
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Nationwide
  • Post Office Ltd
  • Tesco Bank
  • Virgin Money

Our service

We are one of the leading UK providers of financial services fixtures, furniture and equipment. We advise customers in areas such as ergonomics, security, sustainability, lifecycle performance and information technology.

Coupled to design, our extensive prototyping and mock-up facilities allow concept furniture, and even branches, to be rapidly constructed and deconstructed ahead of a costly nationwide deployment programme. Once approved, integrated bulk manufacture and stock management allow us to rollout quickly, making a concept a high street reality.

Our delivery project managers invest time to understand the drivers of the financial services sector. In some cases this may even mean working in a branch and seeing the issues faced day-to-day. This level of engagement, developed over many years, affords our teams the knowledge to go the extra mile to achieve ‘operational excellence’ through the eyes of their customer.

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